VISION........In 2031, Brisbane is regarded as a 'Top 10 Lifestyle City' and global hub for resource and related service industry businesses.


The Brisbane Economic Development Plan 2012 - 31 presents a whole-of-Council framework of actions to deliver on the recommendations of the Lord Mayor's Economic Development Steering Committee. The strategy presented below highlights some of the actions that will be delivered under five key objectives: 

1. Global reputation - Brisbane Australia's New World City 

  • New World City - three year program targeting investment and business opportunities 
  • Business meetings and Conventions strategy 
  • Encourage increased airline routes and connections into Brisbane Major events strategy to build a calendar of future events Create marketing collateral tailored to Asia-Pacific markets for use by partners and stakeholders 

2. Productive Brisbane 

  • Target resource and related service industry companies to move to Brisbane 
  • Link with overseas agencies and governments to develop business opportunities in Asia, with special focus on opportunities in China and Brisbane's Sister Cities 
  • Use global networks of Brisbane businesses to expand trade and investment 
  • Appoint a Chief Digital Officer to champion a new digital strategy for Brisbane 
  • Expand wi-fi services throughout the city 
  • Use Council procurement opportunities to attract investment and grow local business capacity 
  • Facilitate innovation and support the growth of new businesses 

3. Talent attraction and global connections 

  • Coordinate and facilitate measures to support fly-in fly-out workforce needs for the resource industry 
  • Launch a global workforce talent attraction program 
  • Promote and facilitate secondment programs between companies and participate in staff exchanges with businesses where a benefit is identified 
  • Establish a global Brisbane ambassadors and alumni project 
  • Develop internships and pathways to employment for students in occupations where skills shortages exist 
  • Leverage target markets in Asia to increase international student intake 

4. Lifestyle city 

  • Increase commercial, recreation and tourism opportunities focusing on the Brisbane River 
  • Establish a 'Brisbane Greeters' program offering free orientation tours to tourists and visitors 
  • Develop a cultural policy incorporating regulations, investment principles, cultural offerings, entrepreneurship and local artist facilitation 
  • Activate music and night time precincts 
  • Extend Council's social activation programs to international students, new visitors and migrants by distributing information through appropriate networks 
  • Facilitate building of developments that enhance Brisbane's attractiveness and identity 
  • Introduce foreign language signage to facilitate visitor movement in key precincts

5. Leadership, engagement and implementation 

  • Establish Brisbane Business Network 
  • Implement Brisbane Business Hotline 
  • Continue the annual Brisbane Business Survey 
  • Continue to recognise business through the Lord Mayor's Business Awards 
  • Continue the innovation scorecard and recognition of leading innovators in business 
  • Industry/Council/Brisbane Marketing/education institutions secondments 
  • Publish a quarterly newsletter reporting on the Brisbane economy